Flax benefits


      Antibacterial and antifungal

Flax fabric contains substance silica (silicon dioxide), which  is not in other materials, and it inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause rot and fermentation. 

Temperature regulating

Flax warms well in winter, and on muggy summer nights, it creates a feeling of coolness, removing excess heat from the skin: under the linen sheet, it seems that the temperature has dropped by 7-9 Fahrenheit degrees, its a fact flax feature.



Highly breathable and absorbent

Flax fabric "Breathes" entirely and provides optimal skin ventilation.It is higher to absorb and evaporate moisture than cotton on 12 %. That's why you will never be "sweaty" in linen clothes or linen bedding.




There has not been a single case of allergy to natural flax.




Flax doesn't electrify at all. Flax also absorbs and neutralizes static electricity that accumulates the human body throughout the day.



Immune system support

Scientists found that sleeping on linen sheets in contact with the skin, encourages IgA (immunoglobulin A) production, which is responsible for immune reconstitution, improving our overall health and making us feel more energetic. Also, flax promotes intensive blood circulation, stimulates the body, and reduces its fatigue.