How to care for Your Bedding:

Taking care of your bedding is easy, and here are some simple step-by-step tips for washing and achieving the best results:

  1. Washing:
  • Separate the linen items before washing.
  • Fasten all buttons on the duvet cover and pillowcases.
  • Check for stains and apply laundry stain remover directly on them or add liquid stain remover into the washer.
  • Use a plant-based laundry detergent to preserve all the unique properties of your linen.
  • Depending on how dirty your linen is, choose an appropriate Washer cycle. I usually use the "normal" setting with warm water, medium soil level, and high spin speed.
  • Avoid overloading your washing machine. Since linen is a heavy fabric, one bedding set with towels will be enough for one load.
  1. Drying:
  • Avoid overloading your dryer; dry one set at a time.
  • Dry the duvet cover separately from other bedding elements.
  • Use natural fabric softeners like 3 or 6 wool dryer balls.
  • Wool balls serve two crucial purposes: they help dry items quickly and guarantee wrinkle-free results.
  • Place 3 drying balls inside the fitted sheet and 3 on top.
  • Set the drying settings to medium temperature with sensor dry and wrinkle control.
  1. No ironing is needed. If wrinkles persist, simply steam them away directly on the bed.

By following these guidelines, you can keep your bedding fresh and beautiful for a long time. Enjoy your cozy and comfortable sleep!