How to care for

My bedding doesn’t need any special care but here a couple of step-by-step “rules“ for easy washing and best result.


1) Washing:

- separate the linen

- fasten all buttons on the duvet cover and pillowcases

- check the stains and apply laundry stain remover directly on them or add liquid stain remover into the washer;

- use plant-based laundry detergent it helps safe all unique linen properties;

- use any Washer cycle depending on how dirty your linen is. Usually, I use the “normal” settings. Warm water, medium soil level, and high spin speed.

- do not overload your washing machine. Linen is a heavy fabric, so one bedding set with towels will be enough for the one load.


2) Drying:

- do not overload your dryer - one set for one load,

- dry duvet cover separately from other bedding elements;

- used natural fabric softener - 3 or 6 wool dryer balls;

Wool balls make two crucial things: first, it helps dry quickly, and second - guaranteed taking wrinkles away.

- put 3 drying balls inside the fitted sheet and 3 balls on the top.

- drying settings: medium temperature, sensor dry, and wrinkles control.


3) No iron is needed. If the same wrinkles remain, stem them away directly on the bed.