Salty Washing Method

Discover My Unique Salty Washing Method for Flax Softening

Hello, dear customers! As the sole guardian of my flax collection, I've poured my heart into offering you the finest, 100% natural flax bedding and home linen. Yet, pure flax fabric in its natural form can sometimes be rough and has its unique aroma. So, how do I transform this ancient fabric into the buttery soft and aromatic pieces you deserve, while upholding its cherished natural benefits?

Join me on this journey of rediscovery, where I unveil a time-tested softening method, devoid of any harsh chemicals.

The Quest for Natural Softening:

Flax, the world's primeval fabric, boasts unique properties unlike any other material. Its robustness stems from silica, which naturally combats bacterial growth. Most industries opt for harsh chemicals to subdue this sturdiness, unfortunately compromising flax's invaluable properties in the process. I believed there had to be a kinder, gentler way—a method that celebrated, rather than subdued, flax’s inherent qualities.

My search spanned from vinegar soaks to horse shampoo washes! But, after countless experiments, an enlightening chat with my friend's 84-year-old mom brought forth a revelation. She nostalgically shared how Eastern Europeans traditionally soaked linen in salty water for softness and subjected it to boiling for shrink-resistance.

Intrigued and hopeful, I dived into experimenting with her method. The outcome? Absolute magic!

Introducing the Salty Washing Method:

My labor of love has been christened the "Salty Washing" method. It's straightforward, but, be warned, it's a labor-intensive process that requires ample time and patience:

  1. Natural Softness: I commence by immersing the linen in salty water. This not only imparts softness but diligently extracts chemicals used during its manufacturing.
  2. Preshrunk & Pristine: The subsequent boiling ensures your linen remains consistent in size and is utterly pristine.
  3. The Finishing Touch: Once cooled, a double wash and dry cycle ensures it's primed for your immediate use.

What emerges is a flax masterpiece: soft, preshrunk, machine washable, and dryable, all while remaining blissfully free of chemicals!

By adopting the Salty Washing method, I'm weaving the past into the present, offering a tribute to the age-old wisdom from the heartlands of civilization, Ancient Egypt. My aim? To ensure such invaluable heritage isn't lost in the annals of time.

With each meticulously crafted piece, I'm not merely selling you linen—I'm sharing with you a tale as old as time, rejuvenated and refashioned for today's eco-aware era. Welcome to my flax family, and together, let's champion a gentle yet impactful stride towards environmental harmony.