What about linen thread count?

What about linen thread count?

"What is the thread count of your linen goods?" - perhaps the most popular question we get.

And this is another fundamental difference between cotton and linen. Let's figure it out together.
The thing is that the density of linen is measured not by the number of threads, but by weight.

And here is the secret. Linen fabric is much thicker than cotton. The fact is that the linen fiber itself made from the center of the plants and the cotton from the heads (boxes) of plants.
Therefore, linen has fewer threads; thicker fibers have fewer threads per square centimeter than other types of fabrics, such as cotton, which typically has about 200 threads. Therefore, even linen of better quality than cotton will have fewer threads and measure its density differently.

For example, linen fabric used for sheets has a thread count of between 80 and 150, it would be considered low for a cotton sheet. No need to compare these two measurement methods because they are merely different. Just know that flax differs fabric and always better)

But how to measure the quality of natural linen fabric, except for the thread?
Linen fabric is usually measured g/m2 (or GSM), that is, the weight of the material in grams per square meter.

Our linen has a different weight between 90 and 310 GSM.

Scarves have 90 GSM;
Masks have 135 or 150 GSM;
Bedding has 150 - 170 GSM;
Tea towels have 275 GSM;
Throw & Decorative pillow covers have 285 - 310 GSM.

Please take a look at one of them here

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