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Old World Linen

Silver Lilas Flax Pillowcase Sham

Silver Lilas Flax Pillowcase Sham

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This Silver Lilas Flax Sham – is where art meets purpose.

Drenched in the distinguished Silver Lilas hue, this sham effortlessly serves as the crown jewel of your bed or the statement piece on your couch.

Beyond its visual charm, its flax linen composition ensures breathability, and moisture management, providing a touch that's as comfortable as it is captivating. Each sham has been intricately woven with care, ensuring it becomes a staple of elegance in your cherished spaces.

Infuse your interiors with an enduring piece that echoes my commitment to perfection.
  • Microbe repellent
  • Thermal control
  • Breathable & spongy
  • Antistatic
  • Allergy-free
  • Immune support
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