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Old World Linen

Off-white Silver Lilas Flax Pillowcase with Lace

Off-white Silver Lilas Flax Pillowcase with Lace

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Experience the blend of craftsmanship and refined comfort in my Off-white Silver Lilas Flax Pillowcase.

Tailored from the most breathable flax linen, this pillowcase promises nights filled with serene rest and rejuvenation. The added delicate lace infuses an element of subtle elegance, seamlessly complementing any sophisticated interior.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the natural fibers ensure moisture-wicking properties, ensuring a fresh feel through the night. Every stitch and detail stands as a testament to my dedication to delivering not just a product, but an experience.

Embrace the meticulous touch that transforms your nightly reprieve.

    • Microbe repellent
    • Thermal control
    • Breathable & spongy
    • Antistatic
    • Allergy-free
    • Immune support
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